Dear Devil-Linux User!

The Devil-Linux Developers Heiko, Friedrich and Bruce, December 30th, 2003

Devil-Linux is, as every other Open-Source project, driven by the many contributions made by many developers. Those people spend a great deal of their time and money toward this project.

If you have been using Devil-Linux you will come to remember how much money you or your company saves by using it and how you have been supported via the project mailing list.

Now might be the time the to show us how much you appreciate this project by donating to Devil-Linux. Your donation could either be money or hardware that one of the developer or the project as whole needs.

A donation would enable us to either support a specific hardware/software at all/better or it would help the project to improve as whole eg. its infrastructure (eg. compile server, ...).

There will be a page where we will show the donations which will make it clear to everybody from the beginning how your donation is going to be used. Every donator deserves the right to be mentioned on this page if he so desires.

We, the Devil-Linux developers, would therefore very much appreciate every help from you as a "Thank you" for our commitment to this project.


Heiko Zürker, Friedrich Lobenstock, Bruce Smith

How to donate

You can donate to Devil-Linux either by using PayPal (credit card needed) or by donating hardware (see below).

Make donation in Euro/€

Make donation in US-Dollar/$US

For hardware donations take a look at the list of needed hardware first to get a clue of what would be currently needed, but all other donations are mostly welcome. Please contact Heiko Zürker if you plan to donate hardware.