Sun 28th Nov,2004 - Devil-Linux v1.2.1 released

Author - Bruce

I'm proud to announce v1.2.1 of Devil-Linux.

The changes include Kernel 2.4.28, enabled sasl+ldap+mysql for postfix, dramatically reduced size of etc.tar.bz2, many program updates, and many other changes. See changelog for details.

Beginning with version 1.2.1 of Devil-Linux, the official precompiled packages available for download have changed. Now available are:

o) i486 single processor
o) i586 SMP
o) i686 SMP - server edition.

The new "server edition" is almost the same software selections as the others, with the exception that "grsecurity" is not included. This is because grsecurity has been known to cause problems by killing some server processes.

Because of expected lower demand for the i486 package, it will not be available on sourceforge mirrors. It is only on and other Devil-Linux mirror sites.