No more new releases Sun 07th Jan,2018

Devil-Linux 1.8.0 released Sun 16th Apr,2017

Devil-Linux 1.8.0-rc2 released Sat 14th Jan,2017

Devil-Linux 1.8.0-rc1 released Sun 19th Jun,2016

Devil-Linux 1.6.9 released Mon 24th Aug,2015

Devil-Linux 1.6.8 released Sat 31st Jan,2015

Devil-Linux 1.6.7 released Sat 20th Dec,2014

Devil-Linux 1.6.6 released Wed 15th Oct,2014

Devil-Linux 1.6.4 released Sat 19th Oct,2013

Devil-Linux 1.6.3 released Mon 31st Dec,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.2 released Sat 19th May,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.1 released Thu 10th May,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.0 released Thu 12th Apr,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.0-RC3 released Wed 21st Mar,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.0-RC2 released Tue 07th Feb,2012

Devil-Linux 1.6.0-RC1 released Fri 30th Dec,2011

Devil-Linux 1.4.2 released Tue 08th Mar,2011

Devil-Linux 1.4.1 released Thu 16th Dec,2010

Devil-Linux 1.4.0 released Tue 09th Nov,2010

Devil-Linux 1.4RC6 released Tue 05th Oct,2010

Devil-Linux 1.4RC4 released Fri 11th Jun,2010

Devil-Linux 1.4RC3 released Sun 07th Mar,2010

Devil-Linux 1.4RC2 released Wed 23rd Dec,2009

Devil-Linux 1.4RC1 released Sun 31st May,2009

Devil-Linux 1.2.15 released Fri 25th Jul,2008

Devil-Linux 1.2.14 released Wed 21st Nov,2007

New mirror in Crete / Greece ! Thu 05th Jul,2007

Devil-Linux v1.2.13 released Thu 01st Mar,2007

Devil-Linux 1.2.12 is released ! Wed 17th Jan,2007

New mirror in France ! Sun 14th Jan,2007

Devil-Linux 1.2.11 is released ! Wed 01st Nov,2006

False accusations about IRC bot in Devil-Linux 1.2.10 Thu 19th Oct,2006

Devil-Linux v1.2.10 released Mon 10th Jul,2006

Devil-Linux v1.2.9 released Thu 23rd Feb,2006

new FTP Server online Fri 10th Feb,2006

Devil-Linux v1.2.8 released Sun 13th Nov,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.7 released Sat 29th Oct,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.6 released Fri 22nd Jul,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.5 released Mon 16th May,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.4 released Wed 16th Mar,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.3 released Mon 07th Feb,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.2 released Mon 03rd Jan,2005

Devil-Linux v1.2.1 released Sun 28th Nov,2004

Commercial Support available ! Wed 17th Nov,2004

New mirror in France ! Wed 27th Oct,2004

Devil-Linux v1.2 released Sat 16th Oct,2004

New mirror in Austria ! Wed 13th Oct,2004

Devil-Linux v1.2-RC1 released ! Sat 11th Sep,2004

Devil-Linux v1.2 Beta 2 is available! Wed 28th Jul,2004

New mirror in Germany ! Tue 08th Jun,2004

New Website launched Thu 03rd Jun,2004

Devil-Linux 1.2 Beta 1! Tue 01st Jun,2004

New mirror in France ! Mon 24th May,2004

Devil-Linux 1.0.6 Sun 18th Apr,2004

Devil-Linux 1.0.5a Sat 20th Mar,2004

New USA mirror site available. Sun 29th Feb,2004

Devil-Linux announced best product. Sun 29th Feb,2004

New PayPal account. Mon 29th Dec,2003

Devil-Linux 1.0.5 is available Sun 21st Dec,2003

Devil-Linux 1.0.3 released. Sun 21st Dec,2003

Devil-Linux 1.0.2b released. Mon 24th Nov,2003

New Hungary mirror available. Tue 04th Nov,2003

Devil-Linux v1.0.1 released on CD. Tue 04th Nov,2003

Devil-Linux v1.0.1 is available now. Sun 02nd Nov,2003

More Articles about DL and it's people. Fri 31st Oct,2003

Devil-Linux v1.0 is available for download !!! Fri 31st Oct,2003

Press release for v1.0. Mon 27th Oct,2003

Devil-Linux v1.0 ! October 31st. Mon 20th Oct,2003

1.0-RC2 is available for download ! Tue 14th Oct,2003

1.0-RC1 is available for download ! Tue 07th Oct,2003

First official Beta of v1.0 coming soon. Mon 14th Apr,2003

New German support site. Sat 08th Mar,2003

New mirror in Graz/Austria. Mon 17th Feb,2003

Devil-Linux now available on CD. Tue 04th Feb,2003