Development tools

  • LFTP

    LFTP is used to download and keep the source files up to date. Download this program and install it into your main distribution, if you don't already have it.

    LFTP Homepage
  • The build environment

    Devil-Linux needs a special build environment, so that you don't run into problems and don't mess up your current system. We use a "Linux From Scratch" System (here called LFS ) to do this. Goto and download the file that starts with lfssystem from the directory which matches the DL version you want to build. Unpack the lfssystem file in a directory, such as /usr/src or any other directory you prefer.

    Linux from scratch Homepage
  • JRE

    Java Runtime Environment v1.3 to create documentation.

    Sun Java Downloads
  • Morphon XML Editor

    Used for working on the documentation

    Morphon Technologies XML-Editor