3. Your Modifications & Patches

The Devil-Linux Develop Team and our Users really appreciate when you send in your patches, so they can be included in the next release.

3.1. Submitting Patches

Please create a "unified diff" and send it to our mailinglist with the subject "[PATCH] short title".

Attach the patch file to the email, so that no formatting is lost. Please compress the file if it's more then a few hundret bytes.

Add a (short) description what you patch is doing.

If your patch required the some source package has to be put into the build/src/ directory, then please write us all the necessary links into the email.

3.2. Creating Patches

If you're not familiar with patches, take a look at the man pages of patch and diff.

  • copy the unchanged SCRIPT to SCRIPT.old

  • make your changes

  • change into the build directory

  • execute: diff -u subdir/SCRIPT.old subdir/SCRIPT > yourpatch.diff