8. Tips

8.1. System doesn't boot from CD

When you system isn't able to boot from CD or has problems, then you can also boot from a DOS floppy with CD support.

Just add to the autoexec.bat a line to start linux.bat, which is loading DL via loadlin. Don't forgett to switch to the <cd-drive-letter>: drive before.

8.2. Sending mails (e.g. logs) without local MTA

When you want to send emails from your Devil-Linux Box, but you don't have a local MTA (e.g. Postfix) installed, you can do this easily with the nail command.

Nail can use an external SMTP server, by adding the following line to /etc/nailrc :

set smtp=your.smtp.server.com

8.3. /var/log/messages doesn't exist

Logging to files is disabled by default, because on a standard Devil-Linux installation /var/log resides on the ramdisk.

Enable harddisk support as discribed in the chapter harddisk support and uncomment the associated lines in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf.

8.4. Configuration on CD

It is possibe to have your etc.tar.bz2 on the CD, if you don't like floppy disks (who doesn't?) and can't use a USB device.

When you unpack the Devil-Linux tarball, you find the file custom-cd which helps you adding or replacing file on the CD. Create and test your configuration using a floppy disk, otherwise you will need a lot of CDs. Once you configuration is finished, add you etc.tar.bz2 to the root directory of the CD.

8.5. Booting Devil-Linux from devices other than the CD-ROM

You can boot Devil-Linux from i.e. USB PenDrives, when you computer supports this.

When you unpack the Devil-Linux tarball, you find the file install-on-usb which does everything for you.

If you intend to boot from other devices, this script should be you starting point. You probably don't even need to modify it. But please be aware, that we currently only support CD-ROM and USB boot.

8.6. Program XYZ crashed with the a grsec: attempted resource over step... RLIMIT_CORE

In most cases this just means that there's a problem in the configuration file for program XYZ and it coredumps because of this.

Squid for example has a problem when you don't set the value visible_hostname.