2. First Time Installation

2.1. Step 1: download distribution

  • get the devil-linux-<version>.tar.bz2 from one of the download locations.

  • run tar xjf devil-linux-<version>.tar.bz2 to get devil-linux-<version> directory tree

  • change to that directory

  • take a look on doc/CHANGES and other documentation files

2.2. Step 2: burn the ISO image

Bootable ISO image is contained in bootcd.iso file. You need a cd writer program which is able to burn ISO images.

[Caution] Caution

Don't just burn this file on CD!

2.3. Step 3: modify the configuration for your system (SKIP when using IDE CDROM)

  • extract the configuration sample : tar xjf etc.tar.bz2

  • modify etc/sysconfig/config and set the INITRD_MODULES

2.4. Step 4: copy configuration on a formatted floppy disk or USB storage device (SKIP when using IDE CDROM)

  • compress the etc/ directory with tar cjf etc.tar.bz2 etc

  • copy etc.tar.bz2 onto the configuration media (i.e. floppy disc), mcopy etc.tar.bz2 a:

2.5. Step 5: ready to boot

  • insert the CD and the configuration media and boot the computer

    [Note] Note

    When you use an IDE CDROM, you can use an empty configuration media. During the bootup Devil-Linux will offer you to copy the standard configuration onto it.

  • if further configuration adjustments must be done, e.g. :

    • root password (by default, no password is set)

    • public and private key generated when sshd is run for the first time the new configuration can easily be saved on the configuraiton media by calling the save-config script

  • don't forget to set write protection on the configuration media