Chapter 3. Development

Table of Contents

1. Preparation
1.1. Needed tools
1.2. The build environment
1.3. CVS
1.4. Source files
1.5. Make your life easier
2. Building a system
3. Your Modifications & Patches
3.1. Submitting Patches
3.2. Creating Patches
4. The Build System
4.1. Directory structure
4.2. The build process
4.3. Adding Programs
4.4. Adding Libraries
4.5. Runlevel configuration
4.6. Variables
4.7. Functions

Here you can the information, how to build your custom version of Devil-Linux and how to write add-ons.

Please send all add-ons to our Developer-Mailinglist, so we can include your changes into the Distribution.

Sourceforge site for project files is at: