6. Configuration of additional Software

Because the software used in Devil-Linux is a complilation of many software packages written by different people all over the world the documentation for the software is maintained and updated by the group who wrote the software.

But here we have collected short installation- and configuration descriptions for some of them.


We're more than happy to add your configuration hints to our documentation.

6.1. DDUP - Dynamic DNS Client

Written by: Patrik Lermon

First of all you must register on their website http://www.dyndns.org

Then you type:

ddup -makeconf

This will start a guide which is going to ask you for your user name and password (on dyndns.org) and lastly which user who can use ddup, write root.

Don't forget to run the save-config script!

6.2. TDSL-Router HOWTO (German)

Written by: Arnd Grossman


6.3. CRON

As you probably already recognized, /var/run/crontab resides on the ramdisk and is lost after a reboot.

Configure your cron jobs in the file /etc/crontab and you're fine.

You can get more information about how to configure cron via the man pages for cron and crontab.